ISS is assessed on SEI CMM Level 3

KYIV, Ukraine. July 21, 2007

Software Development Process in ISS is assessed on SEI CMM Level 3

Kiev, June 7 11, 2003 Software Development Process Assessment conducted in ISS demonstrated implementation and institutionalization of organization practices associated with the CMM standard requirements. All of them are either defined as in the CMM or with an adequate alternative and correspond Maturity Level 3.

The Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM or SW-CMM) is a model for assessment of an organizations software processes maturity and for identifying the key practices that are required to increase the maturity of these processes It is developed by Carnegy Melon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and de facto is a global standard for assessing and improving software processes. According to SEI Appraisal Report (April 2003) there are about 50 countries where formal assessments were performed in more than 2300 software companies. No data about appraisals in Ukraine was reported.

A formal assessment of software development process being applied in Information Software Systems (Kyiv, Ukraine) was conducted by expert team from Motorola Global Software Group. It was provided correspondingly to Motorola Software Assessment Approach, which is recognized by Software Engineering Institute as fully compliant to CMM Appraisal Framework. The certification covered all CMM Key Process Areas related to Level 2 and Level 3 with the exception of Software Subcontract Management. It involved the projects that are developing commercial products in the scope of 3CR-3/VRS program aiming at automated verification of requirement specification with respect to their consistency and completeness.

3CR-3/VRS program has been started in ISS 3 years ago for development of products then being piloted at Motorola GSG Centers. The Software Development Process at ISS has been built on iniutiative and with hands-on support from Motorola GSG-Russia (St.Petersburg). The latest is the first software company from Eastern Europe assessed on SEI CMM Level 5.

As specific strength of ISS Software Development process the following features were recognized:

The team fully complies to the SEI CMM Maturity Level 3. With this certification a customer would get a guarantee that ISS is able to perform software project within given budget and schedule, and provide required quality of released products.